Pluk de dag. Ga golfen!
Like putting down a marble staircase

Our mission is simple.  To capture the beauty of the game through the pen, the lens and the sound of the radio.  Simple moments of inspiration.  A swing, a smile, a triumphant fist.  An emotional tear.  A humbling encounter with an everyday golfer.  Inspiration from the golfing greats.  The lushest fairways.  What drives a golfer in his quest to break 100?  It’s all in the spirit of the game.  The game that we love so dearly.


That passion for golf is precisely what ‘Golfing Inspirations’ is all about.  It’s a wonderful new source of online golfing inspiration, essentially English with a hint of Dutch, created simply to inspire you to play more golf.  Or, indeed, to take up this intriguing game.  We’re delighted to welcome you into the world of golf.



“Get happy. Play golf!”

Wendy Hoad, Golfing Inspirations


Wendy Hoad in actie op de Hilversumsche golfbaan als Arrow Jazz Golf Rad...



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